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Shiawase sha-awase
The ◯ wishing good luck and
the △ protecting from evil
○ + △ = brings more happiness to you 

I created this kimono with the wish that people that wear and seeit will become happy . It has Shippo and Uroko mon-yo patterns, which have meanings of good luck andprotection from evil. There are a lot of traditional designs in Japan thtat portray prayers or wishes , but not many modern Japanese people are interested in wearing them. I designed a new modern style with bright colours hoping that will be revive back in the Japanese culture.

Shiawase means hapiness in Japanese and Sha-awase is the kind of kimono that is consist of double layers of thin fabrics.

Title : Shiawase sha-awase
Made in : 2012

Material : polyester

Photo by : Nanako Kobayashi
Model : Nanako Shinoda
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